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 1.     What’s going on at Bethel between now and the end of June?

a.      We are going to have three special services on June 12, 19, and 26 to walk with intentionality through the closing of this chapter.  The themes will be:

     i.     June 12th – Giving Space for Grief

     ii.     June 19th – Giving Thanks for What God Has Done

     iii.     June 26th – Looking Forward with Hope

b.      On June 26th, there will be a special stand-up potluck after the service.  Everyone is invited to join!


2.     How can I stay informed of what’s going on after June 30th?

a.      Check out the Aldergrove webpage and sign up to be part of the Launch Team to receive e-mail updates


b.      You can also look further down in this document to see some events happening through the summer


3.     How can I get involved with the church plant going forward?

a.      There are 4 key steps to getting involved as we move ahead:

     i.     Join the Launch Team

     ii.     Attend events through the summer and invite others to join you

     iii.     Join a Life Group

     iv.     Sign Up to Serve

b.      Information for all four steps can be found at


4.     Who do I talk to if I have questions?

a.      Until June 30th, contact either

     i.     Pastor Jon ( or Corinne (, or

     ii.     The Bethel Office (604-856-8454).

b.      After July 1st, you can contact either:  Office Phone: (604) 888-0442       

     i.     Pastor Kevin Schultz (Aldergrove Campus Planting Pastor)

            778-808-5844 or

     ii.    Brittany Suderman (Office Administrator)         

             604-888-0442 or


5.     What happens to my church membership?  Can I transfer it after the merger happens or do I have to do that now?

a.      On June 12th, Bethel will have a congregational meeting to approve the dissolution of the society, which will likely happen at the end of July or early August, once all the administrative details are taken care of.

b.      If you want to transfer your membership into NLCC as part of the church plant, start attending services when the campus launches in October. Much of the membership material will be woven into the Sunday teaching in those first six weeks.  In fall, indicate that you’d like to become a member.  You’ll be given material to look over and sign and then have a chance to meet one-on-one with a staff member or elder as part of the process.

c.      If you are a senior who is unable to attend services and you would like to transfer your membership into NLCC, we have a simplified process for you!  Please let us know if you would like to do this by contacting:

     i.     Before June 30th - Pastor Jon or Corinne via the Bethel Church Office                                         

     ii.     After July 1st – Pastor Tim McCarthy

d.      Any memberships that are not transferred to a church other than NLCC before June 30th or into NLCC in October will simply cease to exist once the society is dissolved.


6.     What happens with giving?

a.      You can continue to give to Bethel until Sunday, June 26th. 

b.      Giving receipts will be issued from Bethel for money given between January 1, 2022 and June 26, 2022 and mailed out shortly afterwards.

     i.     NOTE: Please ensure that your mailing address is correct and updated so that we can get you your giving receipt!

c.      After June 26th, you can transfer your giving to NLCC.

     i.     Details can be found at or by calling the NLCC Office at (604) 888-0442.


7.     What is happening between June 26th and when the church plant launches in October?

a.      There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes of a church plant prior to the launch!  Leaders are being developed, programs shaped, life groups formed, neighbours invited, volunteers identified, and lots and lots of prayer.  Please consider the four Next Steps in #3 above and ensure that you are involved between now and then!

b.      The most up to date information will be found online at or via e-mail.  Join the Launch Team mailing list to stay informed!


8.     Where can I attend Worship Services until the church plant launches?

a.      Sign up for the Launch Team e-mails or check the website in order to see what’s happening each week.

     i.     You can also see the calendar of events at the end of this document.

b.      You will notice that there are many weeks that we will be joining the Yorkson Campus of NLCC for worship!

c.      Pastor Jeff Renaud ( is the Campus Pastor at Yorkson.  They meet in an elementary school gym with live preaching and worship most weeks as well as a program for kids from 2 years old up to grade 8.

d.      More information can be found at or by calling the NLCC Church Office at (604) 888–0442.

e.      The Worship Service is:

Sunday Mornings @10 AM Richard Bulpitt Elementary School 20965 77A Ave. Langley, BC      


Calendar of Events (July – October)

Note: These plans may change closer to the date!  The most up to date information may be found online or by phoning the NLCC office.

July 3: Worship Service @ Yorkson Campus (10 AM) July 4-8: MOVE Camp

July 10: Camp Sunday @ Yorkson Campus (10 AM)

July 17: Worship Service @ Yorkson Campus (10 AM)

July 24: Outdoor Worship Service @ Aldergrove Campus (10 AM)  


August 14: Worship Service @ Yorkson Campus (10 AM)

August 21: Worship Service @ Yorkson Campus (10 AM)

August ?: Family Picnic & Games @ LOCATION & TIME TBD

August ?: Soft Launch #1 @ Aldergrove Campus (10 AM)  


September 4: Worship Service @ Yorkson Campus (10 AM)

September 11: Soft Launch #2 @ Aldergrove Campus (10 AM)

September 18: Worship Service @ Yorkson Campus (10 AM)

September 25: Soft Launch #3 @ Aldergrove Campus (10 AM)


October 2: Worship Service @ Yorkson Campus (10 AM)

October 9: LAUNCH SERVICE @ Aldergrove Campus (10 AM)